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NONT 2017 Results

All notie adv FINAL

NONT 2017 - All NONTie Adventures - Results

Thank You to all of the NONT 2017 participants, we're glad you enjoyed our event and we'd love to see you back in 2018!

For NONT 2018 information, stay tuned to NONT 2018 will be run by the Kullari Rover Crew.

Rover Class Teams

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameCrewPoints
1st 9 As Coight as Coight can be Kullari 345
2nd 28 Kullari Kullari 336
3rd 1 Coight All Stars Aesir 303
4th 33 French Toast Black Knight/Bloo/HaVaC 299
5th 12 Time To Hit The Road Black Knight/Flash 296
6th 18 Coight Squad Black Knight/Flash 273
7th 34 The Russell Swoits Excalibur 254
8th 23 Bush Whoop Whoop Black Knight 252
9th 2 Bush Mechanics Aesir 252
10th 3 Dingos Howlers 237
11th 22 The Caramello Koalas Kullari 209
12th 14 Yeah Nah Buccaneer 205
13th 11 The Bogan Flashers Flash 125
14th 13 Nah Yeah Buccaneer 123

Venturer Class Teams

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameUnitPoints
1st 8 Trailblazers Outbacking 1st Salisbury Venturers 439.5
2nd 29 Phoenix Phoenix Venturers 327
3rd 19 Outback Farm Barn Aroona/Illangi/Lones Venturers 323
4th 17 All Aussie Adventurous Venturers Port Noarlunga Sea Venturers 321
5th 21 Bogged Grasby Park Venturers 294
6th 30 Coight Cattle Clan Ridgehaven Venturers 283
7th 25 A bunch of Coights Beefacres Venturers 263
8th 20 Blinky and Co Angle Vale Venturers 247
9th 26 Out of time peaks Mt Lofty Venturers 243
10th 4 Harold Holt Swim Team Grasby Park Venturers 236
11th 24 Tim Tam Slams Beefacres Venturers 221
12th 6 ?? THAT is a snake Summit Streams 206
13th 10 Rowallan White Pointer Rowallan Venturers 170
14th 16 City Slickers Diversity Venturers 167.5
15th 32 Aussie Legends Aroona Venturers 163
16th 27 Twin Peaks Go Back Mt Lofty Venturers 118

Open Class Teams

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameGroupPoints
1st 31 NONT Idea 1st Salisbury 339
2nd 15 Coight Out Port Noarlunga Sea Scout Group 320
3rd 5 Golden North Fruit Chicks Port Noarlunga Sea Scout Group 272
4th 7 Infinity Infinity Trefoil Guides 259
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