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What is NONT?

NONT (Night Observation and Navigation Trial) is an annual themed event run by South Australian Rovers in which teams pack themselves, like sardines, into vehicles to complete a night navigation trial. Each team will need to decipher a range of puzzles in order to obtain the correct route to each checkpoint. On route, points can be obtained by identifying and recording navigational markers or Observations. At each checkpoint, teams will have the opportunity to have some fun and compete for points by completing the themed activities. 

When is NONT?

Saturday the 2nd November 2019

Who can apply?

Teams can consist of Venturers, Rovers or Leaders.

Venturer teams must be driven by a Fully Licensed Driver with a registered Adult Member of Scouting.

Rover and Leader teams require at least two drivers.


Register and pay by 24th of October to receive the Early bird ticket price of $18pp, Standard tickets are $23pp.


Payment Information

Payment is prefered as a team using your team name from the events system. If Paying as an individual please use your Scout membership number followed by NONT2019.

Please send payment by EFT to the Branch Rover Council Bank Account using the following information:

Name: Scouts Australia, SA Branch Rover Council

BSB: 035-053

Account: 217852

Reference: Team name if paying as a team OR 'ScoutMembership#NONT2019'

Compulsory Items

This a list of items that will be required to have in your vehicle, or you will not be allowed to participate in NONT 2019.

  • A registered and roadworthy vehicle.
  • Current Drivers License (for each Driver)
  • 350km Range Petrol
  • Spare Tyre
  • Jack & Jack Handle
  • Wheel Brace
  • Two Planks of Wood (15x30x1cm)
  • Spade or Shovel
  • Two working torches
  • First Aid Kit
  • 2009 or later Street Directory
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Drinking Water for the team

Bonus Items

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Facebook ( or Instagram @havacrovers

NONT 2019 Rules & Regulations

  1. Only registered and roadworthy vehicles are eligible for entry.
  2. The legal passenger limit of the vehicle must not be exceeded.
  3. NONT is a dry event. There is to be no consumption of Alcohol by any participants or staff members during the event.
  4. Teams must abide by all road rules.
  5. Teams or persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be started if so decided by the organisers. The organisers reserve the right to administer alcohol breath testing.
  6. There are three classes for NONT;
    • Rover: The majority of team members are Rovers.
    • Venturer: The majority of team members are Venturers with a designated fully licensed driver (at least 18 years of age) who has completed a police check.
    • Open: The majority of team members are Leaders or other Scouting associates that do not fit into the other categories.
  7. All under 18 year old participants must provide the Parental Approval form provided.
  8. There are to be no Venturers driving, whether they are “P” platers or not.
  9. There is a mandatory half hour break at the halfway point for all teams.
  10. All teams must have a minimum of a Driver and a Navigator.
  11. The winning SA Rover Team will be given the choice as to whether they would like to run NONT in 2020.
  12. There is to be no tampering or altering of the course, observations or course markers by participants.
  13. Teams must follow directions provided by event staff and scrutineering decisions shall be final.


For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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