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St George Challenge

What Is The St George’s Challenge?

The St George’s Challenge is intended to provide a means of friendly Crew interaction. A Crew can challenge any other Crew to a competitive activity of their choice. After the event is held a plaque is added to the master trophy and a miniature is awarded to the winning Crew. During any given month, more than one St George’s challenge may occur.

How Do You Challenge A Crew?

The challenging Crew must present their challenge to the challenged Crew at the Branch Rover Council. Although SABRC shall be the official forum for tabling the challenge, it is suggested that the challenging Crew advise the other Crew prior to the meeting. When the challenging Crew presents their challenge, they must provide the following details:

Proposed Challenge Activity

  • Venue

  • Proposed dates

  • Time

  • Associated rules

What Role Does BRC Play In The St George’s Challenge

SABRC shall provide the forum for challenges to be made and for other Crews to know of the challenges. The miniature trophy will be given out at SABRC to the winning Crew.
SABRC shall be responsible for considering the appropriateness of the challenge and setting a date by which the two Crews must have completed the challenge. SABRC shall pay for the plaque on the trophy and the miniature winner’s trophy. The winner’s trophy should have who defeated who and at what the activity was.

For more information, contact the SABRC Activities Officer.

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